Stockport Produce Hall – Mini Review

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It is not often that myself and Louise get to go out on our own for an evening, however this weekend we had that opportunity to. With Stockport’s new Produce Hall opening a couple of weeks ago it seemed like an ideal chance to give it a test out.

Stockport Produce Hall

Now its opening had come into a fair amount of flack in the local press and on social media mostly for the lack of any independent traders and for using names of existing businesses, in fact the entire process from start to finish was not without controversy with the local favourites who run the successful Foodie Friday not getting the gig. However turning it around and getting it open in under a year is no mean feat.

Stockport Produce Hall Bar

So problems aside we made the trip out on a cold and windy night to a busy but not overcrowded hall, firstly stopping at the bar the prices where reasonable, and it was nice to have the option of a few decent non-alcoholic options, that added to the coffee outlet is a big plus to me.

Stockport Produce Hall Drinks

There is a wide range of options, from steak and chips & fish and chips through to tapas and pizza, all at very reasonable prices from the look of the size of the dishes being brought out. Once you have found your self a table you can order from any number of outlets and the food is brought over.We opted for a pizza and garlic break to share, setting us back £12, within 10 minutes it had arrived. The pizza was good and whilst slightly greaser than I would expect in Italy it did not spoil the taste.

Stockport Produce Hall Pizza

Overall there are clearly some improvements to be made to the staffing and organisation, it would be nice to see for example proper cleaning of the tables between diners, tables that don’t wobble and possibly some more staff training, but these things come over time. The atmosphere was good and whilst it may not have the independent traders of Altrincham Market or Mackie Mayor the pricing is much more reasonable and I could see it being a viable place to go for a family meal.

We will be going back to try some of the other options and I really hope they can continue improving and be successful in helping support the market area and Stockport as a whole.

More info on the Stockport Produce Hall on their website.