Bit of a boys day

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With the weekend after a hectic week at work & at home I thought it would be good to spend a chunk of Saturday morning being just me and the boys.

There are a few local Dad’s groups in my local area which run on various Saturdays during the month so I thought I would give another one a try. This time however with both the boys.

Dad’s and Kids

It could have gone either way as Alfie could have been bored but it turned out to be a fantastically organised groups, with a decent amount of toys and of course a good coffee and bacon butties. These kind of groups where not really around when Alfie was little and I think they are a great resource for us Dad’s. It would be great if there was a online listing of all these groups in the area.

Alfie ended up loving it too and spent a good amount of time as the storyteller to a number of other kids.

Alfie reading

Whilst in the area it would be rude not to try one of the best Charity shops, mostly books but occasionally some other pretty good gems. However this time we where all about the Beast Quest, with 12 books for £6 it’s great value.

I am a massive charity shop fan so it’s great when we get good bargains like this.